Fotoreport: Tauberfeld, Bavaria – railroading in the heart of Germany


Without knowing at first I had another roommate in the youth hostel in Dachau who had something with trains. A railway photographer from Cologne.

The next morning we got to talk and I asked him where there was a good place to shoot some pictures, somewhere quiet, a nice landscape, some freight trains,… I didn’t feel like doing the busy stuff, that kind of railway lines where everyone goes to. I wanted something different!

“Take the train to Ingolstadt”, he said, “then get the connection to Nürenberg. In Dollstein there is a famous spot!”. Since I definitely didn’t want to go there, I just took the train and I would see it from there.

A good feeling it was..Exploring railway lines I never saw before. But then the railway line was closed for traffic! We had to take the bus and he brought us along very German villages. Really nice! In Ingolstadt I checked the freight yard a bit, took some photographs of course…
Then I jumped on the commuter train to Dollstein. I only got as far as 3 stations! Landscape turned into something really nice, I couldn’t wait any longer to get off!

Then I saw the train leaving, I was standing in the middle of nowhere. Ow yeah, it had a name: Eitensheim!

Right or left, that was the question. I had seen the left side already, so I went right. Just a good walk, enjoying the sun, the chocolate croissant I bought. And from time to time a type 111 engine with red passenger cars, some freight trains…Fields as far as you could see.

I ended with a picture at Tauberheim, on the station platform. Only one thing came to mind, that it was fucking beautiful there!