France – Line 15 – freight corridor Metz – Dijon

In October 2012 we stayed a week in Neufchâteu, a small city in the southwest of the Lorraine department in France. We only had one goal, besides making fun of course: we wanted to photograph part of line 15, connecting Nancy to Dijon. The landscape is truly amazing, hilly, large fields and forests, beautiful scenic villages where time stood still. It’s also in this region that the Meuse River originates. The railway crosses this river several times in the valley.

We stayed in hotel Eden, near the railway station of Neufchâteau. Most times we went to the part of the line between Neufchâteau and Chalindrey (a car is a must to explore this). It’s not even 100km long, but the opportunities are endless. Instead of satisfying our hunger, we just came home starving 😉

You’ll find a selection of our images below:


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