Semmeringbahn – Vorspeise

The Semmering Railway hardly needs an introduction. It is supposed to be the first standard gauge mountain railroad of the world! It connects Mürzzuchlag with Gloggnitz and is part of the busy South Railway in Austria. The railroad was built in 1854, it’s 41km long. It exists of 14 tunnels, 16 viaducts and over 100 bridges. As a starter, hereby some pictures of a commuter train that was active on this line between Semmering (the highest station on the Semmering Railway) and Payerbach.

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Fotoreport: Tauberfeld, Bavaria – railroading in the heart of Germany


Without knowing at first I had another roommate in the youth hostel in Dachau who had something with trains. A railway photographer from Cologne.

The next morning we got to talk and I asked him where there was a good place to shoot some pictures, somewhere quiet, a nice landscape, some freight trains,… I didn’t feel like doing the busy stuff, that kind of railway lines where everyone goes to. I wanted something different!

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