Tuscany expedition Aug/Sep 2017

The plan for this travel was plain simple this time: no Balkan expedition or Eastern Europe, no buses nor boats! Just taking the train to direction Lucca, with a stop in Genova, Italy.

Öbb Nightjet to wake up in the morning with the Alps passing by..Ooh the Alps again! Can’t get enough of them. Ending the afternoon sitting in the sun, drinking good coffee after finding a nice place to stay in Genova Centro.

I spent two nights there on te way to Lucca, Tuscany. Very nice town as I remembered a couple of years ago while travelling through. The hostel is an old monestery…Lots of history flothing around in the city! culture everywhere! After seeing the things, doing some hiking and enjoying the city, its habitants and the nice bars I went back to Genova and stayed there, losing track of time, day and date untill one morning, totaly alone on my way to get the 6u35 train to Milano.

So, on my way back to Belgium. Since I don’t like the TGV, no passing through France for me, Switzerland not so fond about either, so back over Inssbrück, the long way around! After booking the Öbb Nightjet to Düsseldorf in Verona with the last Italian nice lady that I spoke to… Nice compagnionship in the nighttrain also to Düsseldorf, via Amsterdam to Antwerp, better ten depressive Aachen :-). Amsterdam is always good. The pictures that i made on this journey are all made by the moment, I didn’t wait for more than 15 min on the spot where it could be nice to have a train in the picture. Partner in crime: Canon 5D 35mm.